Astro Gaming Mixamp Pro review

A household name, Astro line of gaming headsets aims to produce the finest gaming paraphernalia in the world. One of its innovations is the Mix Amp Pro.

Astro gaming mixamp pro


This gadget is said to give the user the control the sound quality according to his preference.

Also, this allows the user to adjust game-to-voice balance, toggle between its 4 different EQ modes or even connect a lot of Mix Amp Pro together so that it’ll keep you free from lags.

Technical Specifications

The Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro is one of the best rated mix amp because of its great compatibility and of course, sound quality.

For most reviews, it has been exceeding their expectations making them waiting what it can offer should another model arrives.

If this teases you and you want to know more about what the mixamp Pro from Astro has to offer, it comes packaged with 3m Mini Optical TOSLink, 4m USB-USB mini and 2.0m Xbox.

Astro gaming mixamp pro controls


There are also several cables available – live chat cable, 6.5 ft audio cable,  and a 5-foot PC headset Y-adapter.


Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro is priced a little bit more than a hundred bucks.

You might question its price but it’s actually its features that make it a standout choice among top contenders.

If you are looking for good reason why you should purchase this mixamp from Astro, there are some good causes why you should proceed with your purchase.

One of its highlights and perhaps the very reason why most customers loved this is its compatibility.

Astro gaming mixamp pro closeup


It can be paired with Xbox One and PS4 as well as almost any pair of headphones. You just have to set your consoles with the right adapter to fully enjoy it crisp and clear sounds.

Another good reason why you should go on buying this mixamp is its sound quality.

A lot of customers love its Dolby surround sound. It’s got nice directional sound improvement thanks to its built-in EQ modes.

They can literally hear enemy footsteps when properly paired to a compatible headset.

It has a great design, and the controls are easy to get used to.

The casing is made from plastic with layers of rubber on its sides. Astro finishes off the design with a glossy finish with silver knobs on top of it.

Voice control is also simple and handy.

It’s where the mixing and balancing of sounds take place. The Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro is well simplified that users get to save time on adjusting volumes in the game and chat software.


Reading on the not-so-good reviews about the Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro makes you think twice about buying it.

Well, it cannot be avoided to receive negative feedbacks probably because of some flaws on the design and functionality.

To help you balance off your decision-making, it’s also good to take note of what users don’t like about this headset.

First of which is that the mic is terrible.

Astro gaming mixamp pro box


Most of the customers really disliked how the mixamp’s mic functions (or does it really function at all).

According to most reviews, the mic sounds like they are talking to a saw and no matter how they try to set it, it’s totally distorted.

Customer care isn’t the best one.

One of the customers said that Astro doesn’t seem to care about them because no representative responded to their issues and complains.

All About the User Experience

 The Astro Gaming MixAmp Pro is a recommendable product. It gives off real sound quality especially when paired with a high quality headphone.

Astro gaming mixamp pro




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