Gioteck HC-5 Amplified and Illuminated Wireless Stereo Gaming Headset Review

A lot of hardcore gamers have several different platforms they are gaming on. Whether it is the on the PC, on the Xbox One, or on the Playstation 4, gamers can jump from console to console depending on their gaming needs.

Because these gamers do practice cross-platform gaming, gamers then require a gaming headset which can fit their lifestyle. The Gioteck HC-5 Amplified and Illuminated wireless stereo gaming headset is one such headset which promises multi-platform compatibility, but is it for you?

GIOTECJ HC-5 Wireless gaming headset

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The Features

The Gioteck HC5 wireless stereo gaming headset features a premium finish to it along with its red LED illuminations. It has an over-the-ear design which promises a better fit for gamers who want to comfortably play for several hours.

The various controls such as the power, volume, and other such controls can be found on either side of the ear cups. These controls have been oversized for easier access for gamers who do not want to fumble with the controls.




gioteck hc-5 controls

Control buttons on the Gioteck HC5

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When it comes to its audio, the Gioteck HC-5 boasts of amplified stereo sound which will allow gamers to fully submerge themselves into the game’s audio. For its microphone, it makes use of high quality, flexible boom mic which allows for the gamer to adjust it freely for easier and more convenient chatting.

It is compatible with several different platforms such as the Playstation 3, Playstaion 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac, among many other devices. This wireless gaming headset also comes with a micro USB charging cable to allow its rechargeable lithium-polymer battery power replenishment.

Audio Quality

The Gioteck HC-5 really shines when it comes to its audio quality. This gaming headset really delivers rich sounds which will allow gamers to hear audio more clearly and be able to distinguish each sound.

You may even hear sounds which were not there before because of its audio richness. It looks like the amplified stereo works pretty well on the HC-5 and is not just a claim to lure people to buy it.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a Bass Boost mode which drastically improves the bass of the games you are playing, giving it more power. This is a great feature to have especially for gamers who really want that audio punch.


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Because of this, various in-game sound effects become a whole new experience.

There have been reports that there are some random noises which you may hear from time to time which may occur when it is working wirelessly or is plugged in. However, these noises occur rarely and may be easily forgiven.

Headset, Mic, and Warranty

The Gioteck HC-5 headset is very comfortable to use. Its over-the-ear design really pays off as the fit is comfortable around the ears. The headband itself is also quite comfortable around the head. The LED is a welcome feature of this headset, however, it is not really needed as it causes to drain more juice from the battery.

The controls on the ear cups of the Gioteck HC-5 is very much appreciated as the buttons are oversized and well-spaced so you will never make a mistake when you are busy gaming.

When it comes to its connectivity, it pairs with the Playstation 4 wirelessly easily, but there have been reports made that some gamers are experiencing issues such as WiFi interference or the headphones getting cut out.

cables for the gioteck hc5

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When it comes to the Xbox One, you will still need the Microsoft headset adapter for it to work. The issues that the HC-5 has are minor and can be easily looked over.

The microphone of the Gioteck HC-5 works pretty well, but stays on the average performance. Unfortunately, you will not be able to hear your own voice with this headset, which may lead to gamers raising their voices from time to time. As for its battery, it is quite unfortunate that it will only work for around 5 hours of gaming time with the LEDs on.

As for its warranty, it is covered by a one year period of warranty from the proven date of its purchase. The warranty only covers manufacturer defects and does not cover any damage, abuse, or accidents.

Worth Your Money

The Gioteck HC-5 Amplified and Illuminated wireless stereo gaming headset comes in at a very affordable price of $100. For its price and its capability to work on different platforms, this wireless gaming headset is a good bargain.

gioteck hc-5 headset with closed microphone

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If you are a gamer who plays on various platforms and is OK with buying a gaming headset which is comfortable to use and has good sound, but suffers from a few minor issues as well as a very short battery life, then this headset is for you.

The Gioteck HC-5 really isn’t a heavily recommended headset for everyone, but for its price, it a good deal.

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