MAD Catz FREQ 9 review

Gamers make use of any and all platforms they can get a hold of. Whether it is on the PC, Mac, tablet, phone, or consoles, gamers demand the best for their gaming experience and this means great audio. It can be difficult to find that one headset that can cover all the platforms, but the Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless Surround Headset promises so. Could it be the headset that you are looking for ?

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The Features review

The Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless gaming Headset boasts of state-of-the-art technology as well as compatibility across a variety of platforms such as consoles, mobile devices, and smart TVs, as well as the ability to connect to set top boxes and any Bluetooth device. The wireless headset can receive audio from a 10-meter/33-feet range allowing gamers to have a comfortable distance from whatever platform they are using.

What sets Mad Catz FREQ 9 apart from its competitors is that it utilizes military-grade 3D surround sound – technology that is inspired by the audio system used by F-16 fighter jet pilots to sonically locate the position of their targets. This technology creates an audio landscape around you, giving you that feeling of being part of the surroundings itself, so you will be able to locate in-game targets just by hearing them.

Through Mad Catz FREQ 9 Headset’s Digital Active Noise Cancellation, or D-ANC, you can control the amount of ambient noise you can block out, allowing you to hear that perfect amount of sound from games, movies, or music. And with D-ANC on, you can choose to activate binaural monitoring which delivers some of the outside sound into the ear cups so you can still hear the sound around you and won’t have the need to take the headset off when someone adjacent is talking to you.

With the FREQ 9 ‘s aptX low-latency technology, wireless lag will no longer be a problem. aptX works by enhancing Bluetooth signal timing so that lag and lip-sync problems are greatly reduced, preserving the original sound’s quality.

In addition, this gamer Headset also allows you to sync to more than one device, so you can watch a movie, pause it, and answer the phone all while still using the headset.

Ma catz freq 9 headset base

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Audio Quality review

The Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless Surround Headset’s sound quality is note-worthy as it does have great quality. The sounds that you will hear from the headset are rich in detail, so you can hear all of the sounds that there is to hear in a game, a movie, or in music. You will be surprised as to how detailed the sound quality is when you put the headset on your ears: you can even hear a pin drop or soft footsteps in games. And the sound quality is also not lost when the volume is turned up, so you can still enjoy the sounds even when the volume is at its max.

And the great news is that you won’t have to adjust any setting whatsoever to get the best audio quality out of the Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless as it is already perfect when you take it out of the box.

Mad Catz FREQ 9 headphones‘s military-grade 3D surround sound is also deeply appreciated as it does do a great job in immersing you in the audio landscape of whatever you are listening to. You will truly have a sense of direction, of being in there to what you are listening to, and you will be able to tell which direction the sound came from – perfect for gamers who are looking for their targets or being hunted themselves.

Headset, Mic, and Warranty review

Right off the bat, the Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless Surround Headset will by no means win any award for its design. Aesthetically speaking, its big, it’s bulky, it’s heavy, and its sports a plastic finish which is by any means attractive. It is, however, comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. But some may do find the leather pads on the ear cup and headband to be a little warm when used for a long periods.

When it comes to the headsets’ buttons, you will find everything that you need in there: volume control wheel, buttons to skip tracks, microphone settings, noise cancellation, and surround sound. All of these buttons are placed on the right ear cup which brings up an issue – tinkering through the buttons can sometimes lead to annoying situations wherein you can accidentally press another button.

And as far as the buttons work, don’t be surprised if some of the buttons do not function in some platforms or apps. Yes, it does support a variety of platforms, but you may find that some software or apps do not respond to the buttons of the headset.

For its battery life, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how long one charge can last you – more than 20 hours! So you can really use it for long periods of time as you do not have to worry about it suddenly dying on you. And when you are not using it, you can simply plug in the USB cable and charge it.

The headset’s microphone is something to rejoice about. There is no microphone boom arm dangling on this headset as it is located internally. Despite the fact that there is no external microphone, the sound quality on it is great, even better than other headsets that have an external microphone.

As for Mad Catz warranty, warranty length can span anywhere between 90 days to two years, depending on what region the headset was purchased. The warranty also covers replacement and repair, but it does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse, or abuse of the product.Mad catz FREQ 9 audio headset

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Is it Worth Your Money ?

If you do not care about the aesthetic side of your headset, then you may consider the FREQ 9 Wireless Surround Headset. It has great audio quality, its microphone performs well, it has long battery life and it cancels out noise pretty well. The downside, though, is that the headset is bulky and heavy, button placement can annoy you, and the buttons may not work on some apps or platforms. If you can put aside some of those issues and stomach and price of $300, then the Mad Catz FREQ 9 Wireless Surround gaming Headset could be the headset for you.


7 Comments On "MAD Catz FREQ 9 review"
david198 April 13, 2015 at 7:29 am Reply

I bought this mad catz headset, I was really surprised when it came in it’s a lot more bulky than what i head before. I love it though, the battery life is just great, there is a system that lets you actually hear your own voice when you speak and somehow makes it easier to talk to people in the room (no need to shout).

It took me some time to figure out how to get the bluetooth thing to work so i had to call Mad catz support, they helped me out and i had the thing working fine with my ps4 in a few minutes.

The only drawback for the freq9 is its size, I love its size and its super comfy, but if you need to travel a lot that’s maybe not the best fit

Miller April 15, 2015 at 1:40 pm Reply

– Packaging was absolutely great, feels like you bought an Apple product!
– Comes with a cool hard shell case, not with a cheap bag
– Premium feel overall, well build headset
– 0 troubles using it on Windows 8.1 with my Bluetooth adapter
– Great audio, the only one that could do better must be Bose or Sennheiser
– The surround / 7.1 effect is there, but honestly I was not that impressed. for gamers it won’t compete with having an actual surround setup in your room.
– I am not sure why they claim the battery lasts 20+ hours, is that in very low volume ? in my case it’s more like 10-12 hours, which is fine but not 22 h !

Bottomline I love the headset, the FREQ 9 is worth its pricetag.

Mynameisbond April 20, 2015 at 10:30 am Reply

My Mad Catz FREQ9 has been with me for little over a month now and I am really pleased with it. One thing I love about this headset is its long battery life of around 20 hours! I’ve never had a wireless headset last that long. I can really just keep on using it all day.
And since I use it on different platforms (on my smart phone and other consoles), I don’t worry about the juice running out on me. The buttons on the headset are also very convenient once you get to memorize its layout. But this headset really kills it when it comes to its audio quality. The sound on this headset is really nice.

It will really give you audio that is detailed and rich. I use it for movies and gaming and it really does perform well. I get to hear even the faintest of sound, this is also because I crank the volume way up, and even if I do, it doesn’t become deafening loud, it just gets loud enough for you to hear what it is you want to hear. This headset also has cool surround sound to it, the best I have ever listened to. I am really happy with my FREQ9.

freak9 June 3, 2015 at 5:09 am Reply

It’s an ok headset. On the plus side, it has some amazing audio quality, like the detail and the clearness of it. My main issue with it though is its audio lag. Honestly, even just a microsecond of audio delay throws me off. If it wasn’t for the delay, I would recommend this to my friends.

John August 20, 2015 at 6:06 am Reply

I am happy with my purchase despite the bad reviews. I feel that Mad Catz freq 9 has given me the value that I have paid for. Props go to the creators for making an awesome gaming and media headset as for audio performance. I have been using it on my pc for a week now and i have not met any problems. It does as what it promised to do.

When i used it on a 3d file, the audio was very accurate. Even foot steps in the background can be clearly heard which is an advantage for me when i am playing video games. The fact that it is inspired by the audio systems of fighter jet pilots is really awesome for gamers.

Its audio automatic routing feature is impressive for it gives you the efficiency on focusing on one thing at a time whether be it a phone call in the middle of a movie. In addition, the instructions were also very easy to understand.

Through the Soundchip’s Digital Active Noise Cancellation, i can now control the certain degree of noise that i want to hear in the background. The earcups provide the superb sound isolation and it is optimum if you only want to enjoy the audio crystal-clear.

Also they have included a 3.5 mm input jack plus additional cables if i am connecting the freq 9 to different devices if Bluetooth is not possible. The input jack allows me to enjoy my mobile device even if I am on airplane mode. The headset has a rechargeable battery that is useful for a go-setter like me who is always on the road. The battery of the headset could be checked through the Mad Catz A.P.P. which is very efficient in my opinion. You could also use it to activate the noise canceling ability of the headset besides monitoring the battery life.

Yves August 24, 2015 at 2:46 am Reply

If you are looking for a high tech headphone equipped with a lot of technologies, Mad Catz freq9 is the best headphone system in the market. Equipped with great technologies, the headset truly enhances gaming experience.

• Pros
– Great noise cancellation with D-ANC
– Binaural system ensures you never shout in chats
– N- lag with aptX technology
– Great audi- quality
– Great features
– Long battery life

• Cons
– Very large in size
– Design is not good looking
– Poor button placement

• Verdict
If you feel that when you hear music or play a game, you get complete silence, this is the headphone made for you. It gives complete protection against noise. It is a great headphone t- chat with features that enhance the sound quality and give you the feedback t- ensure you never shout on chats.

brvadm1 February 11, 2016 at 4:16 pm Reply

This is a nice review I will buy this headset!

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