Razer Adaro Wireless Bluetooth Headset Review

A gamer that does not want wires when it comes to their headset needs something that they can get up and go without ever having to worry about being tied down with it. However, in order for a wireless gaming headset to be a viable option, it should meet the standards that every critical gamer has. The Razer Adaro wireless Bluetooth headphones is one product that is turning gamers’ heads, but is it worth your money?


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According to Razer, the Adaro headset was designed with the user in mind, trying to focus on improving the user’s lifestyle through the use of this headset. Because of this refocus in their attention to the consumers’ lifestyle, Razer considered various aspects in creating Adaro, such as its durability, comfort, and daily use. Boasting that their engineers have spent “countless hours” in developing this gaming headset, it does have a lot of different qualities from its other competitors.

Razer Adaro headset’s wireless feature bases itself on the advanced Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX technology. This means that the convenience of the headset being wireless is coupled with great low-power consumption, making it last many hours of game-time.


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In addition to its wireless Bluetooth connection, the Adaro Bluetooth gaming headset has a high-performance 40mm neodymium magnet drivers which were custom tuned by their audio engineers. Through their customization and the use of high-quality drivers, they boast that Razer Adaro’s dynamic drivers deliver great audio which can be great in not only delivering games’ sounds, but also music.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the overall architecture of this wireless Bluetooth gaming headset, Razer claims that they have designed it in such a way that it is lightweight and easy on the ears, but strong enough to handle daily use. According to Razer, they have perfected a design which possesses absolute comfort.

Sound Quality

When it comes to the sound quality of the Razer Adaro wireless Bluetooth headphones, it has a relatively great performance. This gaming headset truly stands out as one product that has a very nice and even audio quality. Gamers and others consumers can enjoy good audio quality from this headset as it does not really aggressively overwhelm the person in any aspect.


Speaking more specifically about its audio quality, the mids are good and warm to one’s ears, while the highs remain good and even. While other gaming headsets tend to have a more aggressive take in their audio quality, the Razer Adaro’s even and warm quality is great for those who are looking to have a comfortable gaming and listening experience and not one that is too overpowering.

For gamers that are looking for a gaming headset that is rich in bass, Adaro wireless headset does have good bass, but does not dish out a lot of it. Staying true to its even audio quality, you will not be bombarded with excessive bass, which again, gives every gamer that great even sound quality.

However, one flaw that may arise from this nice and even sound quality that some gamers might notice is the lack of that punchy volume. Its volume stays on an OK level but does not have the excessive power that some gamers might be looking for.

Headset, Mic, and Warranty

To put it bluntly, the Adaro gaming headset is very comfortable to use. What makes it comfortable is the great material that they have used on its ear cups, which truly makes it feel smooth, easy, and effortless on one’s ears. In addition to the great quality of material used on the ear cups, its headband is also something note-worthy as it is also quite comfortable around one’s head. While it structure does seem a lot thinner than other brands, it does not compromise its durability, and does in fact make the whole headset a lot lighter than the others.


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However, not all gamers may find this gaming headset as comfortable as the others. Because its ear cups are circular in shape, some might find that their ears do not really fit that well. In the event when one’s ears does not fit that well, the ear cups becomes hot and uncomfortable.

Because this headset is wireless Bluetooth, it can be taken out for a stroll in public. What’s great about this headset’s design is that its logo or any of its branding is not that outstanding. It has a very simple aesthetic which allows one to wear it out in public without it looking too flashy or outlandish.

Unfortunately, this gaming headset does not have a microphone and is purely made for one’s listening pleasure. On the brightside, you can expect an expansive Bluetooth range of 10-meters, while some consumers even find it to be farther than that.

In one charge of Razer Adaro, a gamer can enjoy as much as 20 hours of playtime, which is not bad for a wireless Bluetooth headset. Aside from the long playtime that one can have with this headset, you only need 2 and a half hours to charge it.

Compatibility is one of the biggest issues of this headset. Sure, a lot of gamers now enjoy gaming on their mobile device which readily has Bluetooth, but the Razer Adaro does not work on popular console brands, not to mention that for it work on the PC, the PC should have a built-n Bluetooth.

When it comes to its warranty, Razer requires a proof of purchase, such as a receipt for a person to enjoy its limited warranty. One is eligible for limited warranty for a period of 1 year.

Worth Your Money

For its price of just under $150, it will be hard to find another headset with such comfort and even sound quality. But because it is priced so economically, the Razer Adaro wireless Bluetooth headphones does not have a microphone and suffers from a bit of sound leaking. Another huge flaw on this headset is its compatibility to gaming platforms, as gamers will only be restricted to their mobile device or a PC with a built-in Bluetooth.

Considering the Razer Adaro in totality, if you are a gamer that is capable of using this despite its wide compatibility restrictions and not need the use of a microphone, then for its low price, this is a good gaming headset.

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