Steelseries H VS Astro a50

There are a lot of gamers who play a variety of games across different platforms. Gamers who enjoy gaming on different platforms need a gaming headset which can keep up with them in terms of jumping from one console to the other. There are two gaming headsets which promise cross-platform capability, these are the Steelseries H wireless gaming headset vs the Astro A50, but which one of these should you go for?


steelseries h wireless gaming headset vs astro a50



Cross-platform Capability

Right off the bat, it is worth mentioning that both of these gaming headsets work on a variety of platforms. The two headsets, Steelseries H and Astro A50, work on major platforms such as PC, Mac, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, as well as mobile devices. However, it must be pointed out that the Steelseries H does specify more platforms you can use them on, such as Apple TV, Roku, and home entertainment.


The Steelseries H wireless gaming headset features speaker drivers which deliver rich sound which is crystal clear. In addition to the high-end speaker drivers, this gaming headset also features a Dolby virtual 7.1 surround sound technology which helps gamers immerse themselves in the games that they are playing. Some other note-worthy features of the Steelseries H are its retractable, directional, gooseneck microphone. And finally, something that a lot of gamers are looking for: two swappable Li-Ion battery packs which guarantees that you won’t ever have to remove this headset off of your head.

Steelseries H Wireless headset

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On the other hand, the Astro A50 boasts that its sound quality was tuned with Astro Audio, which was developed while working closely with pro gamers, as well as promises superb sound not only for gaming, but also for music and movies. Just like its opponent, Astro A50 also features Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound which needs to be plugged into an Astro MixAmp for gamers to enjoy that fully immersive gaming experience.


When it comes to comfort, the Steelseries H is extremely comfortable to use. While the initial use of the headset does give a bit of clamp around one’s head, the pressure will become less and less as one uses it within just a few days. What’s great about the ear cups of this headset is that the soft memory foam padding does go around your head seamlessly, offering great comfort. Even in long game sessions, this gaming headset will not cause you to sweat, like some other gaming headsets do, so that is a huge plus.




As for vs the Astro A50, its headset is also quite comfortable. The material which was used for the ear cups are great as it does not really irritate one’s ears or head during long hours of gaming. The ear cups are also big enough to fit even the biggest ears of gamers, which is a huge advantage since it means more people can comfortably use it. The weight distribution between the two ear cups is also equal, so you won’t feel tired on any one side while using it.

Astro gaming a50 wireless headset

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Close Fight

The sound quality of both of the gaming headsets is great. You will really be able to hear all of the sounds that the game has to offer and distinguish them clearly. The volume of both headsets is of good power too, ample enough for gamers to enjoy the games that they are playing. There are some people who do find that the bass of the Steelseries H is lacking, however, you can rest assured that there is plenty of bass for you to enjoy your game. Unfortunately, after a few months of using the Astro A50, few gamers found that the volume wheel will malfunction, making it difficult to control the volume.

The Dolby 7.1 surround sound on both of the wireless gaming headsets are also worth commending as it does immerse the gamer into the game. Both were really helpful in terms of offering spatial accuracy, especially when it comes to first-person shooter games where every second counts.

steelseries H wireless gaming headset

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However, there is a clear winner when it comes to battery life of the headset. The Steelseries H wireless gaming headset has a battery life of around 12 to 18 hours, depending how much you use it. Add the fact that it has a swappable battery and you are all set for a gaming marathon of over 20 hours. The Astro A50, on the other hand, only has a battery life of around 6 to 7 hours at best, which is good, but will still raise some gamers’ concern for how long they can play.

Astro a50 side view

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There is a clear winner between the two gaming headsets. While Astro A50 does put up a good fight, the Steelseries H is the winner in this bout. Steelseries H is compatible with more platforms and devices, has a longer battery life (not to mention the swappable battery pack), as well as being more comfortable around the head. The price difference is also a huge factor in deciding the victor of this fight, as the Steelseries H costs just below $260, while the Astro A50 has a price tag which falls just under $300.


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