Steelseries Siberia 350 review

Are you on the lookout for one of the best gaming headsets that is available in the market?

If the answer is yes, then you must go through the next few lines carefully. Though many brands and models of gaming headsets are available in the market, there is something special about the much talk about the new Steelseries Siberia 350 headset.

We are sure it will give the readers the right information and help them to look at the headset from the right perspective. All information on this siberia 350 review article is factual and based on genuine information available.

Siberia 350


Well Designed

There are dozens of customer reviews for the siberia 350 from steelseries, which point to one common fact.

The gaming headset is extremely well designed. It comes with a matte, and a black surface which simply looks stunning.

It also features a thin ring which is glossy looking. This accentuates the exterior earcups. It also comes with upgraded memory foam cushioning for the ear. Apart from providing additional comfort to the ears, it helps filter unwanted external sounds and noises.

steelseries siberia 350 earcups led


The final takeaway is the headband suspension system which helps people to use this headphone for long hours without any fatigue. It does not lead to headache even if it used for one whole day.


Easy Installation

Another big reason why the siberia 350 headset is a big hit is because it is easy to install. The software comes with an illumination scheme which is customizable. It also has many equalizer preset options available.

Customers have given it a thumbs up because has something to cater to each and every mood. The equalizers are easy to operate and customer and user friendly and adjustments can be made without any wastage of time.

It also allows for manual savings which could be very much needed when you are listening to some music instead of playing games.


Powerful Bass And Natural Sound Reproduction

One of most common problem with many gaming headphones is the quality of sound output. The sound channels may not be properly balanced. In some cases the bass could be too high or the voice could be full of echo or it could be the other way around. However, this problem, according to many Siberia 350 review articles has been solved quite efficiently.

Steelseries siberia 350 headset earcups


The sound output system has been designed in such a way that is helps in offering natural sound and also accompanied with the most powerful bass. Volumetric shifts are also captured perfectly. The explosion-sounds are deep and even the minutest of details are perfectly captured.

It also can capture the minutest of instruments or the finest of nuance when a vocal song is being played.

The metallic side effects which are a part of a few headphones will never be found in this particular model. Racing games can be best experienced using this headphone and engine sounds are a thrilling experience to say the least.


More Than A Gaming Headset

There are many customers who feel that it would be unfair to label this as another gaming headphone alone.

Siberia 350 volume control


Whether it is watching movies or listening to some great music they certainly leave a memorable and pleasant experience. There could be many who might feel that headphones used for music and those used or gaming activities are two different cups of tea.

This could be the case for some other brands and models but this headphone is an exception.

The musical details are captured to the last note and on the other hand whether it is explosions, gun fire from the distance horizon, everything is captured exceedingly well and gives the near life experience.


Some Grey Areas

There is one grey area and that pertains to the USB cable which connects to the console. It is around five feet which might be too short for gamers whose couch or bed could be situated quite a distance away. External volume control is also an area that needs to be taken into account.


The Final Verdict

Steelseries siberia 350 box



After carefully looking at the various features and functionalities there are reasons to believe that it is a great headphone for gaming as well as for other purposes.


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