Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH review

Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd is known for its ground-breaking computer keyboards, mice, mobile audio products and PC accessories.



This company has happy customers and the best recognition worldwide in recent years.

Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH eSports SHOCK Gaming Headset one of the recommended gaming headset on the market at this time.

Attention-grabbing features are available in this affordable gaming headset, encouraging teenagers and adults to own it.


This outstanding gaming headset is designed specifically for those who play games on PC.



This headset supports PC platform efficiently. The connector of this headset is about 3.5mm plug X2.  Shiny colours attracts people of all age groups immediately.

You have to be conscious about the driver unit of the gaming headset before you invest in it. This eye-catching gaming headset has a 40mm driver unit.

The Stereo Channel in this headset makes its users satisfied every time.

You may have an interest to be aware about the frequency response feature in the headset, it supports a frequency response from 20HZ to 20KHZ.



Some people have an interest to play games on their PC while listening to music, walking, dancing or during any other activity.

Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH while not wireless, is the most outstanding wired gaming headset with 3 meters of cable length.

Users of this gaming headset are happy to play their games without difficulty in terms of poor cable length. They get the ultimate support from the following elements :

  • 5mm gold plug
  • Plug & Play microphone
  • External in-line controller
  • Bidirectional Mic directivity
  • Mic noise cancelling

The overall sensitivity of the Mic in the gaming headset is very important factor to keep in mind while assessing the overall quality of the headset confidently.



The Mic in this premium headset is -45 ± 3dB.  The frequency range of this Mic starts from 100HZ and up to 10KHZ.  This powerful Mic has 2.2K OHM impedance.

  • Foldable design
  • User-friendliness
  • Quality noise cancelling
  • Good Microphone
  • Enhanced bass performance

Users of this gaming headset will feel comfortable and satisfied while using this headset because the velvet ear pad and bass focus sound performance.

There is a soft leather headband pad in this wonderful gaming headset. This pad is very helpful to release the pressure.



An in-line control box in this the thermaltake headset allows users to take advantage of an immediate gaming sound control as per their convenience while playing their beloved games.

The Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH has a high quality cable, featuring a gold-plated 3.5mm connector.



The overall size of this gaming headset in terms of length, width and height are 11.02 inches, 9.06 inches and 4.33 inches. The overall weight of this headset is 1.62 pounds.

Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH features list

  • 5 mm Gold Plug
  • Cable Length – 3 meters
  • Channel – Stereo
  • Connector – 3.5mm plug x2
  • Driver Unit – 40mm
  • Enhanced Bass Performance
  • External In-Line Controller
  • Foldable Design
  • Frequency Response – 20Hz ~ 20 KHz
  • Innovative Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Mic Directivity – Bidirectional
  • Mic Frequency – 100Hz ~ 10 KHz
  • Mic Impedance – 2.2k ohm
  • Mic Noise Cancelling
  • Mic Sensitivity – -45 ± 3dB
  • Operating System -Windows
  • Platform – PC
  • Plug & Play Microphone
  • Soft leather headband pad
  • Velvet ear-pad

Audio quality review

Stereo surround sound is the main attraction of the Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH gaming headset at this time.

The overall audio quality of this gaming headset is good and the gaming experience will not suffer.

Headset and Mic

The user-friendly design of the Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECWH gaming headset qnd best in class features in this affordable headset enhance the entertainment and increase the overall comfort of users.



This Thermaltake headset has a ten-level headband adjustment facility. An exclusive folding design allows users to gain some mobility and user-friendliness as per their desires.


The retractable microphone adds to the “mobile friendliness”.

Overall this is a good choice for a gaming headset, especially if you are looking for a mobile, transportable solution that will still provide a good level of comfort and virtual surround capabilities.




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