Turtle Beach ear force Z300 review

PC gamers want gaming headsets that will really give them that perfect audio experience, especially when the headset is specifically made for the PC. The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 is one such headset that caters only to the PC, but whether or not it is the gaming headset for you is the question that will need to be answered.

Turtle beach z300 wireless headphones

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Features review

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 boasts itself as a high-performance wireless gaming headset for PC and Mac, and with Bluetooth capability, it allows you to stream music or answer calls from your mobile device while you are gaming.

Its 50 mm speakers is said to deliver pristine audio quality while its Dynamic Range Compression boosts quiet sounds so you will get to hear even the faintest footsteps. It also features 7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound which puts gamers into the fray, giving you an immersive experience. You can also customize your audio experience with its Multiple EQ Settings, which include bass and treble boost combinations.

Its Variable Microphone Monitor allows you to hear your own voice so you won’t be shouting when it comes to chats. The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 headset is lightweight and has soft, padding making it comfortable to use. Its rechargeable battery gives you up to 15 hours of playtime so you will never have to worry about running out of juice while playing.

Audio Quality

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 has decent audio quality. It has ok performance for a gaming headset but of course, there are other better gaming headsets out there that will give you a better auditory experience. But that does not mean that the Ear Force Z300 headset is not good, it just stays at good, having only to stay at an average performance.

Its Dynamic Range Compression is well appreciated as it does deliver on its promise on letting you hear the faint footsteps while its Dolby Surround Sound is also ok. The downside with the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 Dolby Surround Sound is that it can only work for a few platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. If you have a PC operating system that was not mentioned or you are using Mac, then you are out of luck as you will only get stereo surround sound. This issue severely cuts the number of gamers who would want to buy this headset. Another issue with its Dolby Surround Sound is that you only get two modes: Movie or Music. Having just two modes is not that appealing especially for gamers that want more out of their gaming headset.

All in all, its sound is ok, but you will have to be in a very specific niche so as to use its Dolby Surround Sound as well as being ok with having only two modes for Dolby.


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Headset, Mic, and Warranty review

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 gaming headset has an ok aesthetic appeal to it. It has a nice, smooth plastic finish to its ear cups and its headband is also fairly aesthetically decent. The Ear Force Z300 is also light for being a wireless, Bluetooth headset. Buttons for the headset can be conveniently found on both ear cups so there is no fuss and no standing once you start gaming.

The headset’s ear cups are made with comfortable material but some gamers may find them uncomfortable as the ear cups are a bit shallow. And the ear cups’ padding is made from breathable material so you will not really sweat at all or that much when using it for long periods of time. Overall, the headset, though, is made from plastic – this can take away a bit of points from other gamers as plastic does not really give durability, it does, however, give you flexibility. But for a headset that is priced below $200, some gamers may be turned off with the fact that it is made from plastic instead of metal like the Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless headset.

For a charging time of around 3.5 hours to 4 hours, you will get a battery life of around 13 hours when you are gaming and have the Bluetooth on, and just below 15 hours for its maximum performance. Its battery life is good especially when you compare it to gaming headsets like the Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless which only lasts for eight hours.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300’s microphone is both flexible and removable but only gives a below-average performance.  The microphone delivers clear, ok sound that does not suffer from any interference. The major drawback with the microphone is its lack of noise cancellation feature and the low volume when you are chatting. When you are in a group of gamers playing, your voice might not be that loud enough to be heard.

A minor issue that some people may not like about the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 is the voice indictor that talks back when you are tinkering with the settings or when the wireless headset is low on battery. The voice indicator can be startling especially for gamers who least expect that their wireless gaming headset is running out of battery. Another problem about the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 is that it has an automatic power off feature as it cannot be turned off and you may find the headset turning off on you when you are listening to anything that has a very low volume.

Turtle beach ear force z300 wireless gaming headset with dongle

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Is it Worth Your Money ?

The Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300 has a lot of features but for a gaming headset that can only cater to a select few PC users due to the lack of Dolby Surround Sound for other operating systems, it sure has a lot of flaws to contend with. Its audio quality is ok, its microphone is below average, the whole headset is made from plastic, the voice prompts can get annoying at times, and the auto power off feature could cause minor problems. For the price of being below $200, it may seem worth it. However, you may still want to find other gaming headsets out there that actually cater to gamers and that actually functions on other platforms rather than a few select Windows operating systems.

4 Comments On "Turtle Beach ear force Z300 review"
hadrien77 April 20, 2015 at 10:28 am Reply

Here is my review of the Turtle Beach Ear Force Z300:

Headset –

This is amazing on your head and ears. The material used on the ear cups’ padding are very breathable so you won’t get uncomfortable or sweaty wearing it. The headset itself is made from plastic, which I don’t really mind, but it makes it flexible, something that I am looking for since I have had some bad experience with though headsets that don’t really move. You also get around 14 hours of battery life on this headset which is pretty long, so you can use it for music, movie, and gaming. I, personally, use it for all three.

Sound –

The sound on this Turtle Beach headset is fairly decent. I get to hear the sounds that I want to hear and it does feel complete so there are no complaints from me as to whether or not there are some things missing on it. Using it for music, movies and gaming, I get to experience what they have to offer. For music, I hear the sounds pretty clearly and completely, as I have used other headsets before so I have some point of comparison. For movies and gaming, sounds too were good. And when you have the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound on, it works even better.

ludo999 June 3, 2015 at 5:13 am Reply

Got this headset and I’m starting to regret it. The sound is good is very poor on this thing. It really weighs your head down after quite a bit of gaming and it’s really not that comfortable to use. It’s sad. The only thing I like about this headset is its long battery life.

Yves August 24, 2015 at 2:50 am Reply

One of the best gaming headsets available in the market, the headphones are designed with gamers in mind. Here are a few pros and cons of the z300.

• Pros
– Great sound quality
– Very long wireless range
– Works when being charged
– You can connect it with phone or tab using Bluetooth

• Cons
– Microphone does not detaches
– Bit pricey for its specifications

• Verdict
A good economical headphone in the market. However, there are a lot of options in this price range. It is a great headphone which supports several applications at one. You can use it phone, tab, PC or a gaming console.

Joanna k October 5, 2015 at 1:20 pm Reply

This headset is very, very good. If you are ready to spend around $200 and need wireless capability, then I’ll surely suggest this. They have a cloth style cushion over the headset, which makes it very comfortable to wear all through the day with my glasses.

As per my experience, the mic is perfect clear, though it is not as quiet as I’m used to, so I’ll need to make some adjustments with the volume there. It easily connects to many Bluetooth enabled devices, even my iPhone5s. All this is so easy to control with separate power and volume buttons on the headset itself. To conclude, I can say, it’s a great product with great sound and portability.

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